Water & Desalination Section

In order to fulfil the demands of Water and Desalination Section. UMT first stop to your requirements and 
you can depend on us. 
  • High Corrosion Resistance. 
  • High Strength. 
  • High Chemical Resistance. 
  • Lightweight materials. 
  • Wear Resistance. 
  • Variety of materials. 
In Water and Desalination section it demands the material with high chemical resistance with lightweight and strength. 
It also demands the high temperature resistance material with warm sea water chemical resistance which consist of chloride, 
Sulphur etc. UMT expert and proficient team will help you in all your critical and variety of requirements. UMT is the best
solution to your requirements in the field of desalination and water treatment. 


Membrane Adapter 
The smartest and technical solution is when the product technical specification and design matches 
the requirements of the customer satisfaction. The challenge was to meet the customer requirements 
and design technical specification. Thanks to our design freedom and application develops the precise
and best way for the customer satisfaction and technical requirements.
Material: Stainless Steel 
Heat Exchanger Nozzle 
The best choice is when we provide the solution to any requirements and it befits the technical
specification of the product, same challenge was there with this product and it was material selection 
which can sustain the high temperature with chemical resistance which can withstand long durability. 
Thanks to UMT technical and application team also it’s variety of material freedom which help to finds
the material which meets all the requirements of the nozzle and satisfy all technical specification of the 
Material: Steel Alloy
Water Screening Chain 
This product demand the precise design and material which can satisfy the technical specification of the
product and material selection which was main focus of the product.
Thanks to UMT expert and proficient design and application team which manufacture the product
which specify all the technical specification as per customer requirements. This product shows UMT
proficiency and capability in this field
Material: Stainless Steel