Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a branch which deal with the wide range of manufacturing technology and demands optimized
and precise manufacturing which befits the requirements of the customer.
  • Wide range of manufacturing. 
  • Variety of material selection. 
  • Component complexity 
  • Design flexibility 
  • Wear resistance.
  • High strength and light-weight engineering. 
  • Variety of components. 
  • Variety of optimized design. 
Mechanical engineering is a wide range branch which combines with wide variety of manufacturing technology and 
demands the best manufacturing with the economical and safest way which will satisfy the customer specification 
and application. UMT experienced manufacturing skill will support you to get precise, smart and optimized solution 
to your manufacturing requirements. 


Dosing Pump Cover 
The challenge was to provide best economical way to design the product and reach the specified precise
design and technical specification also provide technical specification. Thanks to UMT expertise and
team which manufacture the product which satisfy all the technical and customer specifications.
Material: Aluminum Alloy 
Rail Track Lock
Rail track locker is used in the railway system. This system itself show the precision and design
complexity also optimized manufacturing. Thanks to our UMT application and design which
manufacture optimized product to fulfil the technical specification of customer. 
Material: Carbon Steel  
Counter Gear Shaft
This counter gear shaft is used in the differential gear box engine which demands precise and optimized 
manufacturing. The criticality and complexity in the design and its manufacturing is where UMT has
advantage on other by providing a precise and optimum manufacturing which befits the technical 
specification of the product. 
Material: Steel Alloy
Helical Gear 
Helical Gear is used to provide high gear speed ratio. These speed ratios demand the precise 
manufacturing. Thanks to our UMT and our mechanical engineer teams which manufacture the 
gear as per the technical specification of the product in turn increasing the productivity of the unit. 
Material: Steel Alloy.