Energy Technology

Energy Sector demands smart solution to its respective field that’s what UMT stand for! One solution to all your needs. 
  • High material quality. 
  • High material strength. 
  • High heat resistance. 
  • High Corrosion resistance. 
  • High surface quality. 
  • High material flexibility. 
In Energy Sector the main challenge is the temperature and it may be up to 1000°C -1500°C.Hence, it is very important 
to select the material that meets the energy sector requirements. UMT experience and technical expertise will support you. 
If you have problem in energy sector? UMT is one step solution for all your energy sector problems. 


Steam Nozzle 
The main challenge for the product was the material selection which befits the high temperature of the
steam and with stand the high temperature with durability. UMT technical team accepted the challenge 
and manufacture the nozzle which satisfy all the technical specification of the product and also fulfilled
the customer requirements.
Material: Steel Alloy
Burner Swiler     (Used in Boiler)

The high temperature resistance and precise design which need to be equivalent to the product technical specification. So, the flow of air through the vanes of swirler will satisfy the technical specification. Thanks to our expertise, variety of design freedom and application engineer which manufacture the product with perfect and precise design which satisfy all the technical specification of the product.  

Material: High Resistant Material 

OFA Nozzle   (Used in Boiler)
The challenge about this nozzle was the design and material selection which can withstand high 
temperature with long durability. UMT expert team has accepted the challenge and thanks to our
highly proficient Design Team, UMT had manufactured the product which satisfy all the technical 
need of the product and customer application. 
Material: High Resistant Material
Crude Oil Injector  (Used in Boiler)  
The main focus of this manufacturing is the design variant and material selection which can be 
used in high temperature. UMT expert Design and expert Application engineer team lead to 
manufacturing of the product ticking all the boxes of technical specification and satisfy the
customer requirements. 
Material: Steel Alloy
The challenge with this product was perfect design which satisfy all the technical specification of the 
product. Thanks, UMT design team and expert application, we were able to tick all the boxes and 
produce a product satisfying the customer requirements.
Material: Stainless Steel 
 Special Puller Tool 
The product design complexity and precise dimensioning was the main challenge of this product. 
UMT Design and Application team accepted the challenge and manufacture the product which is
equivalent to the OEM model and matches all the technical specification of the product.
Material: Aluminum & Stainless Steel