Military and Aerospace

Military and Aerospace demands for high accuracy.This what UMT stand for!
  • High accuracy 
  • High strength with light weight. 
  • High durability. 
  • High temperature resistance. 
  • Design flexibility 
  • Variety of material. 
  • Corrosion Resistance. 
In Military and Aerospace engineering it deals with High accuracy, High strength with light 
weight, Corrosion Resistance with variety of material. UMT expertise and optimized engineer 
team will is one solution to all your requirements in one roof and will provide you the best and 
safest way to your requirements. 


Aircraft Safety
The challenge for this product is design complexity and its technical specification with customer
satisfaction. The challenge was acceptedThanks to UMT design freedom of flexibility and application 
teams UMT has achieved the goal and manufacture the product which satisfy all the technical
and  customer specification.
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Machine Gun Mounting 
The main focus of this product was the design complexity and flexibility with precise manufacturing. 
UMT experience in vast design complexity helps to manufacture a precise product which satisfied and 
matches all the technical specification also it befits all the requirements of customer. 
Material: Aluminum & Steel Alloy  
MK64 Mounting
MK64 Cradle Mounting 
The main feature of this product is high strength with light weight. The challenge behind the 
manufacturing of the product was the material selection and design flexibility. Thanks to UMT
vast design freedom flexibly and expert application engineer team which help to manufactured 
the similar product which is identically equal and matches the technical specification.
Material: Steel Alloy
Emergency Clamp
Emergency Clamp 
The main necessity of the product was the high strength with long durability which matches all the 
technical specification of the product. Thanks to UMT application engineer whose experience helped
to develop a product which is equivalent to the requirements of customer and technical specification 
was same as per the requirements. Also, it was manufactured as per material technical specification. 
Material: Steel Alloy
Aircraft Parts Service
 Aircraft Parts Service & Handling Equipment 
The challenges with these products were the material selection, design complexity, strength of the 
material and light weight manufacturingAlso, these types of work demand precise dimension of the 
product so the proper handling of the other equipment can take place. Keeping in mind all the basic
requirement of the customer UMT has to select the design and material which allow wide range of the
flexibility with high strength. Thanks to UMT expert Design and Application teamit was possible to 
manufacture the product and achieve the required quality, technical specifications and applicability. 
Material: Carbon Steel